The cost to participate in the Big

Foot Wolves Program
1 Participant-  $130 each child
2 Participants- $100 each child
3 Participants- $90 each child


There will be a $100 deposit required for each child participating. This check will be held until the end of the season and will be returned to you if the following criteria is met:


1. All equipment assigned to the player/cheerleader is returned to the Wolves at the end of the season by the designated deadline.


2. Each family must perform 5 volunteer tasks during the season such as helping at the Pig Roast or run the clock during the game. Anyone can help you meet the 5 tasks. Older siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles can help towards you performing the 5 volunteer tasks. 


Each athlete is responsible for the equipment issued to him/her. Care labels should be carefully follwed when washing the uniform. All equipment must be returned in good condition at the end of the season to get your deposit returned. Failure to return such equipment shall result in one or several of the following:


1. The athlete shall be excluded from any continued involvement in the Wolves program.


2. Awards earned by the individual shall not be presented until such equipment is returned.


3. The individual to whom it was issued at the current replacement cost must pay for lost or damaged equipment.


4. An individual who knowlingly continues to retain equipment shal be reported to the proper law enforcement agency.


5. Any equipment purchased by parent, guardian, or player must be approved by coaching staff or board member. 


During the season, there will be some days with inclement weather during practice or a game. Teams will practice and play games in the rain. If ligntning is spotted coaches will follow the WIAA protocol and delay the game or practice for 45 minutes. At that time, it is the Wolves discretion whether to continue or cancel the practice or game. Coaches will be responsible for contacting parents/guardians if they cancel. Parent/Guardians are responsible for the transportation of their son/daughter to and from practice. Providing the Wolves with proper contact numbers is vital in this process. You the parent have the final decision on whether you deem it safe for your son/daughter to practice or not. 


The coaching staff of each team will decide practice times. The starting and ending times will be stricktly adhered to and prompt drop off and pick up of your son/daughter is very important. 

Parents/guardians should not drop-off a participant more than fifteen minutes prior to a practie since adult supervision may not be present until then. Coaches will inform participants the scheduled times to arrive before a contest. All participants should be picked up within fifteen minutes after the scheduled end of a practice or contest.