Q1. Where can I get sign-up forms?
A1. Forms may be found in the Registration section of this website or picked up at the Big Foot Recreation Department.

Q2. How much does your program cost?
A2. It is $90 dollars for both Football and Cheerleading. If you have 2 children it is $90 for the first and $80 for the second. Each child after that is $60. 

Q3. Do I need to get my child a physical?
A3. The NIFC and the Wolves do not require a physical. You will however need to sign a form stating your player is in good health and you will also sign a document stating whether or not your child has had a concussion. We recommend that all players and cheerleaders get a physical before starting any sports season.

Q4. Do I need to purchase equipment?
A4. Football players are issued: Helmet, shoulder pads, pants, game jersey, practice jersey, girdle, belt, socks, and mouth guard. (if child has braces, you will need to purchase special mouth guard) Cheerleaders are issued: Shell, skirt, shoes, pants, jacket, hair ribbons, and pompoms. The only equipment you will need to purchase is shoes for Football players and any specialty pads you may deem necessary. All under garments for both Football and Cheerleading will be supplied by you. The Wolves do not allow the purchasing of helmets or shoulder pads.

Q5. When and Where do you practice?
A5. Practices are held at the Big Foot High School football practice area which is behind the east side of stadium bleachers. Practices generally are from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The times and days will very during the season. There are 12 practices required before football players can play their first game and 5 of them must be non-contact days. The first two weeks of practice we generally go five nights a week and then cut back to 3 nights a week during the season. The older your player is the more variance there is in the schedule.

Q6. How long is the season?
A5. The season generally starts in late July and runs through October. There is a play-off for teams that qualify. The first game is usually around the third week in August depending on how many teams we have in the league. We play on average 8 games a season.

Q7. Am I responsible for getting my player to games and practices?
A7. Yes. We have no bus for rides to the away games.

Q8. If it is raining do we still have practice or a game?
A8. Yes. Only lightening would delay or cancel a practice or game. We also apply the common principle when making practice or game decision. We follow NIFC league rules.

Q9. How many volunteer points are required?
A9. 5 points are required per family

Q10. How do I get my $100 deposit back?
A10. Step 1, return all issued equipment items

Q11. Who can volunteer to earn 5 points?
A11. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, anyone capable of handling adult tasks.

Q12. How much will my player participate on game day?
A12. Participation is determined by each coach at each level based on attendance, skill level, and player safety factors. We will not put your player in a position where the coaches or organization feel the player�s safety or other team mates safety is in question.

Q13. How do I sign up to volunteer?
A13 Equipment handout day, parent team meeting day, home game day at concession stand

Q14.What fundraising activities will we have to do?
A14.Each player is issued 10 Pig roast tickets, and 4 Charity Mania tickets to sell before the annual Pig Roast. 

Q15.Do we need to purchase tickets to attend the Pig Roast?
A15.Yes, in order to enjoy a great meal and to enter the raffle.